Letters to the Editor

McCarthy recalled as Trump’s ‘affair’ with Putin grows

Wisconsin Sen. Joe McCarthy might well rise from the grave over President-elect Donald Trump’s avowed admiration for Russian former KGB chief President Vladimir Putin. The infamous senator saw a communist under every bed in the bad old days of the Cold War in the 1950s, and he ruined the lives and careers of anyone who showed a hint of sympathy (real or imagined) for the tenets of the Soviet Russian agenda.

The Soviet Union moniker is gone, its so-called Communism is gone, but a new order of unbridled capitalism has become the de facto realm of the Russian hierarchy as billionaires thrive under Putin’s blessing and the Russian leader moves to re-acquire lands once part of the Soviet bloc.

All Putin has to do to seemingly keep Trump in the palm of his hand is to fawn over the president-elect’s unexpected victory in the 2016 U.S. election. Trump melts under compliments from so-called important people, and rails, as though bitten by a snake against anyone, even the unimportant, who dares to criticize him.

The suggestion that Russian hacking is perceived by some as possibly affecting the election results is enough to send Trump into a frenzy because it smacks of undermining his legitimate claim to the presidency. Trump, of course, dismisses this even though the Russian interference is universally acknowledged by respected U.S. intelligence agencies. Trump believes he can keep Putin into his pocket.

The more likely scenario is that the wilier and more experienced Putin will secure Trump for his cabal.

Joe McCarthy would be shocked that this passion for Putin and his style of rule comes from some in his own Republican Party. McCarthy readily threw the words like treason and sedition around in his day, and it’s a likely bet he would be sounding an alarm that Trump’s public love affair with the new Russia borders on those unspeakable words.

Susan Russell,

Coconut Grove