Letters to the Editor

MIA delays

I’ve been flying in and out of Miami International Airport for almost 40 years, at least once each month.

American has taken over the airport and with the newly completed D concourse and E attachment comprises 75 gates. It is world class in design, high speed trains, shops, restaurants, TSA and artful ambience.

Unfortunately, there is one problem: Arriving planes are consistently mismanaged.

The pilots and crew leave gateways for Miami on time and arrive safely, often early, only to be placed in a penalty box and delayed from reaching a gate.

This is a common problem. Two of my last three flights were stalled on the ground. One arriving from Atlanta was parked for one hour and another, recently, arriving from San Diego, sat for 45 minutes. Upon gate arrival, the delays go on as we wait for someone to come and align the departure bridge.

The wait for baggage compounds this problem. The arrival manager needs replaced to complete a great American experience.

Doug Kostowski,