Letters to the Editor

Powering light rail

Powering light rail

Re the Miami Herald article about future mass transit proposals in Miami-Dade County:

Some components under consideration include street-level light rail, commonly known in Europe as trams. The city of Bordeaux, France, implemented an innovative technology for its network, which entered service in 2003.

In the historic city center, the power supply was embedded in the street between the rails, to preserve the character of the city. This required more expensive infrastructure than conventional overhead electrification, which was used in outlying areas of the city. In years since, similar technology has been deployed in several other cities around the world.

I implore Miami-Dade County officials to consider in-street embedded power supply where appropriate to preserve the character of South Florida cityscapes. Such a decision, which will affect project budgets, is a matter of public policy. Engineering consultants need the direction of the county officials to evaluate the cost premiums to deploy in-street embedded power supplies.

Douglas Braaksma, Kendall