Letters to the Editor

Russian hacking

How would Donald Trump (and some of his supporters) know one way or the other whether the CIA report is correct?

Reportedly, he has even been briefed on the issue. However, rather than defend U.S. interests, it seems that he is defending his ego with statements about the magnitude of his win. He fails to see that the key issue is not whether the Russians helped him win; rather, it is that they attempted to interfere in our election process.

Ignoring or dismissing this intelligence is malfeasance.

Surely, we don’t want the CIA telling our leaders only what they want to hear.

The FBI came to the same conclusion about the hacking, as did other intelligence-gathering agencies.

Unlike FBI Director James Comey’s two reports, which most agree seriously affected the election, the CIA report, available in October, was withheld until after the election, so as not to appear as partisan. Yet, they are still accused by some as opposed to Trump.

Were all intelligence looked at in a partisan light, this country would have nothing on which it could rely.

Robert Kemper,