Letters to the Editor

Democrats can unite behind a more noble cause

“What do I tell my children?” one woman asked, following the presidential election, as if all the honor and righteousness were on her side.

I have realized that the pain of the left comes not only from fear and loss, but from failure to recognize how it happened.

An inability to see themselves is the biggest failure on the left. The majority of Americans had expressed for several years our intense displeasure with America’s course. Yet, Democrats offered Americans no option for change.

This inability to see reality has a name and Democrats would do well to recognize it. It has been a shock coming out of denial — and it is extremely easy to return to it. Finger-pointing, blaming others, prevents the very introspection which leads to change. There is a noble course for Democrats. Unity in a positive movement, turning the protest energy into a successful movement would restore the American spirit, igniting hope in those on the left, beginning the process which would bring them back into power.

Uniting in an important cause, like instituting public funding of elections, would be a cleansing process, a noble way forward. Being unified in a holy purpose would be in character for Democrats who have led our country in a noble, righteous spirit since the time of Jefferson and Washington.

Americans can be grateful for the upswing in hope since the election. Considerable obstacles exist for Americans to overcome in the course of a Trump presidency, but we can already see some moderating signs and we must act in ways which bring more.

The effect of a strong, unified Democratic opposition would help to center and ground that process of moderation. May God grant Democrats vision and strengthen it, guiding Trump to a cabinet that will bring back a righteous moral course for America that will restore the American dream.

Elizabeth Hinesley,

Delray Beach