Letters to the Editor

Profits may rise with more women as board members

Re the Nov. 16 article “Women board members in Florida reach 20 percent mark”: It is fantastic that 20 percent of companies in Florida have women on their boards.

The story says: “Florida’s major public and private companies added three women to their boards this year, for a total of 53 women board members compared with 50 a year ago, according to a report by 2020 Women on Boards.”

That’s 20 percent of companies in the state with women on their boards, up from 18.7 percent in 2015, according to 2020 Women on Boards, a national organization that has been advocating for at least 20 percent representation by women on corporate boards by the year 2020.

Nationally, women now hold 19.7 percent of board seats, which places 2020 Women on Boards in reach of its 20 percent goal.

That’s up from 14.6 percent in 2011, the first year of reporting.

It is always exciting to see women in business making companies better.

However, is 20 percent a lofty enough goal?

Absolutely not.

In light of research and studies, it has been proven that companies with more women on their boards have increasing profitability.

Our publicly traded companies should represent our population composition.

While I am proud of Florida for eaching this goal four years ahead the original target date, 2020, I would like to see 40 percent, even 50 percent of Florida companies with women on their boards.

By not having more women in the C-Suite and on boards, companies in the state of Florida are missing out on the insight and experience women bring to the table, ultimately hindering growth and success.

Laurie Kay Davis,

executive director,

The Commonwealth

Institute of

South Florida