Letters to the Editor

Don’t lock her up

A few days ago, the president-elect said that he would not continue an investigation into the email practices of Hillary Clinton while she was the secretary of State. Donald Trump has decided, he said, not to direct his attorney general to pursue an investigation which he had promised to do if elected president.

Trump may have closed the door to an investigation of email mishandling by his Democratic opponent, but he has no control as to whether the FBI is investigating the Clinton Foundation for corrupt practices.

The foundation has received about a billion dollars in donations, much of which came from foreign entities. There has been a flood of allegations of corrupt practices by Clinton and others associated with the foundation. Included are reports of “pay to play” rules in which favors were granted to those donating to the foundation.

Discretion to investigate belongs exclusively to the FBI and the Justice Department to which it reports. Citizens deserve to know if the foundation operated honestly.

William Juneau,