Letters to the Editor

Heart warmer

While checking out at the Publix on Old Cutler Road, I asked the cashier if they had any Dolphin bags that I could purchase.

She said No, she hadn’t seen any.

The young girl bagging my groceries said, “I saw them, I saw them.” I said, “Great, if you find them I would like two.”

She disappeared, and we waited and waited. Finally she reappeared carrying two Dolphin bags.

I thanked her, and she finished bagging my groceries. We proceeded to the parking lot where she carefully loaded the bags into my car.

I thanked here again and told her, “My daughter (who doesn’t live in Miami) will be so happy.” She replied: “Tell your daughter I said Hi.” I said I would.

Thank you, Publix for employing such a competent and beautiful young lady with Down Syndrome. She made my day.

Priscilla Fregger Adler,

Cutler Bay