Letters to the Editor

Bake cookies

For all the women who work at home and raise children, Raquel Regalado’s remark that she is “not going home to bake cookies. I’m not that type of person” is insulting. We all work when we stay home. It is a choice that we made.

We also volunteer in schools, church, temple, scouting, sports and anywhere else we are needed.

It is something we enjoy and do to help others. We are living in 2016, not 1956, and we are not June Cleaver.

Hillary Clinton made a similar remark about not staying home and baking cookies more than 20 years ago.

It is sad that women don’t respect and support the choices other women make.

Many of us have also carpooled children who have parents that work outside the home, and we don’t judge.

Now that Regalado and Clinton have lost elections and have some time on your hands, they should bake a batch of cookies.

Ana Maria Roy,