Letters to the Editor

True meaning

Excuse me, America, if I have not the same experience as you do under the red, white and blue. Although we are very grateful for the creeds enumerated by this flag and the Constitution, let me remind you that there have been many atrocities committed under, and in the name of, this flag.

To say that Colin Kaepernick disrespected it when he chose to take a knee when the National Anthem is a played is a bit of hyperbole. History records that thousands of people were slaughtered and mistreated under the name of this flag.

To say that one is disrespecting this country with such action, one must also agree that it’s equally disrespectful to force another human being into slavery, impose Jim Crow laws and, even worse, lynch human beings.

Aren’t we all called to live out the true meaning of our Constitution?

The answer is, of course, Yes.

Herbert F. Griffin,

Florida City