Letters to the Editor

Jeb Bush’s school failed

Michael Schiavo’s Feb. 10 response to Michael Putney’s column about the legacy of Jeb Bush, Don’t trust Jeb Bush with the power of the presidency, was powerful.

I was entranced by his statement: “The truth about Jeb Bush is that he used my wife for his own personal political gain.”

Bush did the very same thing to poor, at-risk black children at the Liberty City Charter School, the first state charter school he founded.

He frequently campaigned there, disrupting staff and administration by his visits, and bringing public relations, media and individuals whose sole interest was political gain.

Immediately after he won the race for governor by winning the black vote he abandoned the school and the poor children and families with whom he had developed a personal relationship.

In fact, the school thereafter maintained poor and failing grades, as well as flawed administrative leadership up until it was finally shut down 10 years later.

Jeb Bush failed to bring success to his own school. Worse, he abandoned it while it was still in operation. This shows him to be lacking in compassion, to say the least. And, as Mr. Schiavo puts it, “Jeb Bush had no right to do what he did, and voters should consider what someone who used the power of government to hurt so many would do with the power of the presidency.”

Alicia Banuchi, former administrative assistant to the principal, Liberty City Charter School, Hollywood