Letters to the Editor

I’m with her

The 1940 presidential election was my first. I was barely 21, and war was looming. Wendell Wilkie had become an isolationist, promising to keep America out of World War II.

As a certain draftee, I went into that booth fully intending to vote for Wilkie. He told me exactly what I wanted to hear.

But I couldn’t do it. Pulled the Franklin D. Roosevelt lever because I wanted someone prepared to navigate the dangers that lay ahead.

I spent the next 60 months in the Army Air Corps.

That election changed my life, our nation and the world.

It established America as not merely a great nation, but a good one.

It was my most important presidential election, until now.

America is facing equally great challenges, and the idea that Donald Trump is fit to navigate these waters is reckless. He lacks the temperament, fitness and experience. I don’t know what came over Republicans.

For those thinking of not voting, or voting for a third party — that’s a vote for Donald Trump.

Whatever you don’t like about Hillary Clinton, it’s not even in the same universe as Trump’s deficits.

I will vote in my 19th presidential contest, probably my last, but likely the most important.

So, I’m with her.

Seymour Gelber,

Miami Beach