Letters to the Editor

Dogs at Publix

I usually shop at the Publix at the 1800 Biscayne Boulevard once or twice a week. It seems, apparently, health department regulations now allow our dogs to come with us. At least, it would appear that way from the many times I see them in Publix.

During the great majority of my recent visits to go grocery shopping, I have seen this unlawful and repugnant behavior. Apparently, Publix management is unable or unwilling to control it.

During my last visit, I even insisted to the manager that the three dogs I saw be asked to leave. One person refused to listen when asked to leave and continued shopping. Finally the frustrated manager just gave up and let the people continue shopping with their animals.

So I guess the result is that health department regulations are not being enforced and apparently everyone can begin bringing their beloved animals on shopping trips.

Jim Martindale, Miami