Letters to the Editor

Second chance

Re the Sept. 27 letter “Florida businesses should ‘ban the box’ ”: I am glad that someone is taking a stand when employing someone with a record. I wish it would go further.

My son, who is 27, was a drug addict and did some very stupid things when he was young, including getting a DUI when he was 20.

He has turned his life around and is successful. But even when he tries to lease an apartment and is asked for a background check, his past gets dredged up.

Before the internet, no one would have been the wiser. They would have judged you on your appearance and demeanor.

When is someone going to do something about this — if it is even possible? The information on these sites needs to be erased at some point. My son is a better person today and should be treated as such.

Valerie Varrell,