Happy Father’s Day; Remembering and giving thanks to dad

Here’s to those days you would be coming home as the sun was coming down, heavy shoulders but still eager to kick the soccer ball around for a bit.

Those memories grow with more warmth as each year comes and goes.

But looking back, most memories wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for you.

Thanks for those days you couldn’t be there.

Thanks for the moments of my life that probably wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for your sacrifice.

Thanks to all dads for their gift of character, for we wouldn’t be if it wasn’t for those who shaped us.

Thanks for being the foundation of humor, for laughing at your own jokes and making tense moments awkward.

Thanks for laughing when life feels so angry, for being the pilot light of happiness that will never go out.

For every knock-knock joke, for making me question what is funny, for showing me that confidence comes from a smile.

Dads grow to inspire, to lead and guide a future that will be brighter than theirs.

Thanks for inspiring us, for that push that gives us motion toward things greater.

It’s not always about the direction; it’s the ability to move toward something and knowing you’re right behind us.

Thanks for being there both in spirit and self.

For knowing who you are and giving me an idea of who I want to be.

Your strength goes deeper than muscle.

Thanks for your discipline and protection, for creating a sense of safety in this sometimes hostile world.

When darkness falls, you light a candle and pick up the brightness for us.

We can only hope to guide posterity as you have us.

Thanks Julito.

We love you so very much and would like to extend our praise to all fathers.

Pablo Muñoz,