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Because of term limits, many veteran members of the South Florida legislative delegation won't be heading back to Tallahassee next year. This gives voters who are tired of incumbents a great opportunity to turn the page and select a new crop of lawmakers who can find sensible ways to deal with the many tough challenges -- principally budget, growth and education issues -- that Florida faces. All three of the recommendations we make today involve districts where the incumbent is retiring due to term limits.

District 119

Voters have a choice in this far-south district between two strong candidates, Democrat Katie Edwards and Republican Frank Artiles. The winner will replace term-limited Rep. Juan C. Zapata, chairman of the Miami-Dade legislative delegation. Also running are Graziella Renee Denny, no affiliation; and Tea Party candidate Nestor A. Iglesias.

Mr. Artiles, 37, describes himself as a moderate "with fiscal conservative views." An insurance adjustor, he has some well-informed opinions and ideas about how to improve windstorm policies for the benefit of consumers.

Our choice is Ms. Edwards, 29, who is the executive director of the Dade County Farm Bureau and would be a strong advocate for farmers and growers. "Our Legislature is controlled by a handful of individuals whose pursuit of power has done little to improve the quality of life for Floridians, " she told The Herald Editorial Board. She wants to reduce the emphasis on the FCAT, stop abuses in the public pension system and will be a strong voice for husbanding of the state's precious water resources.

For Florida House, District 119, The Miami Herald recommends KATIE EDWARDS.