The Herald recommends: Broward County court race

Today we begin our recommendations for the Nov. 2 general election. Broward County voters weren't swayed by the unprecedented number of challengers to seasoned, qualified judges in the August primary. Every black and Hispanic judge up for reelection drew opposition, but in each case Broward voters, to their credit, chose to keep the county courts growing in diversity.

Two races drew votes so close that runoffs are required.

County Court Group 26

Mardi Anne Levey Cohen, 49, a trial and appellate lawyer and former Broward prosecutor, faces F.J. McLawrence, 38, a private practitioner in both civil and criminal law and former Broward public defender. Both candidates have the broad legal experience and people skills to serve ably in county court so voters can't go wrong.

Our choice is Ms. Cohen, whom we have recommended before. As an assistant attorney general she appeared before the Florida Supreme Court and state and federal appellate courts from 1987 and 1989. She then set up an appellate practice with her husband, Dale Cohen, now a circuit judge. From 2002-06 she tried more than 45 jury trials as a prosecutor and supervised other prosecutors for the county court division. She is known to be fair minded and a tough advocate.

For Broward County Court Group 26 The Miami Herald recommends MARDI ANNE LEVEY COHEN.