The Herald recommends: Broward School Board

No other issue carries as much urgency as the education of Florida's children. For Broward and Miami-Dade, among the 10 largest districts in the nation, the stakes are high.

District 7

Nora Rupert, 46, led the pack in the August election and is now in a runoff against Travis R. Williamson, 29, a financial manager. The winner will fill the seat being vacated by retiring board member Robert Parks.

Ms. Rupert, a reading teacher who has three children in Broward public schools, was not our first choice. We believe, however, that she would be a solid representative for her district, covering Coconut Creek and Pompano Beach. She wants to remove cronyism and lobbying by special interests on district contracts. She wants to put ``the focus back on the classroom where critical thinking skills need to be taught.'' For Broward School Board, District 7, The Herald recommends NORA RUPERT.