Trump, party must resolve issues

No doubt, we are witnessing a moment of great jubilation in the Republican Party. The approval of its tax reform bill, coupled with clearly impressive economic figures, constitutes more than enough reasons to celebrate for conservatives everywhere. Yet, there are two quite serious unresolved issues.

First, there is is the crucial question of a divided nation: the opposing cultures of the coasts and the heartland. President Trump’s election was an opportunity to advance our unity as a people, a common culture that would get people from every area of this country together.

I was expecting that, at last, the terrible condition of rural whites in the heartland would get attention. Trump promised several times that a vast infrastructure project would be under way as soon as he got to the White House. So far, nothing.

Any help to these forgotten Americans have to include educational reform, too.

There is a need to provide students the option to get vocational and technical training. To get this group going, jobs and education are needed.

Second, the economy, as important as it is, doesn’t compare with what is truly significant for America: its institutions, which provide our democracy and our freedom.

There is a need for transparency. Trump needs, once and for all, to be clear with the people regarding Russian involvement in our elections and the widespread accusations of improper conduct toward women, which tends to destroy any confidence in his word.

Trump would benefit from observing Roy Moore’s defeat in Alabama. He denied every accusation. Yet, many evangelicals, particularly from mainstream denominations, stayed home.

Had Moore admitted his faults and asked for forgiveness, nothing would have stopped him. But integrity was on the side of the Democratic Party that day.

Felipe Fernandez,