Nikki Beach can’t take over Pier Park

When taking my morning stroll, I passed by my cherished Pier Park in South Beach, located on the sandy area outside of Nikki Beach.

I was recently told by the bar staff that I could not stay past a certain time, as the city park would be blocked off by the restaurant because of a private function for a television network. They mentioned how exhausted they were because this had been the third or fourth private event that week.

As a concerned South of Fifth resident, I ask once again: Why is this happening? Is the city turning a blind eye to this? We, as concerned SoFi residents would like to know if they have obtained this permits for the private parties. I have enjoyed walking in this area for more than 40 years, and would like to continue to do so in the future. I would also like to walk the park without being told by rude security guards to leave Pier Park or that I will be “removed” from the area.

It was not very difficult for us to come across all of this information. For starters, the restaurant website boasts selling the entire 42,000 square foot space (which means the pier park public area) making it a private event. It is actually even titled, “private events.”

As stated below by the Miami Beach Asset Manager: “Nikki Beach obtains between 3-4 special event permits a year, including New Year’s Eve, Fourth of July, and Miami Music Week. Nikki Beach is permitted to fence and enclose the area for some of these special events, as is customary for other special events throughout the City. Nikki Beach pays all applicable fees, including the square footage fees, associated with these special event permits.”

As a concerned Miami Beach resident and particularly South of Fifth long time inhabitant, I would like concrete answers regarding these special event permits.

Richard Hertz,