Tell your story: Where were you when the Sept. 11 attacks happened?


Jacqueline Maccagnano: I was at my office on the 5th floor, directly across the river from WTC. I didn't see the planes hit but watched the fires burn until the buildings collapsed. I could not believe my eyes. I will NEVER forget all the souls I saw taken that awful day. I saw the smoldering heap every day on my way to work for months following the attack. A constant reminder of the hatred in the name of religion. To the victims & the rescue workers ~ RIP.

Fabian Florez: I had just returned from a deployment (AWACS) in Saudi Arabia. I was on the treadmill at the base gym (Tinker Air Force Base--Oklahoma City). I vividly remember watching the images on the TV but I don't think any of us had ANY idea of what really was happening. I guess after being gone for 180+ days in took awhile for my brain to decipher it all.

Xiomara A. Sosa: ‎@ the Pentagon, on a train, missed it by minutes....

Anita Bertina: hubby & i called off work, stayed in bed, wrapped up in love.. then the phone calls started.. turned out to be a very tragic day, still haunts me.

Jan Olemissrebel Williams: I was getting ready for work watching it live on GMA. WE WILL NEVER FORGET! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Caronta Florence: In my 6 grade math class 2nd period. Always will remember.

Geoff Paugam: NAS Key West Command Building watching CNN and having a cup of coffee the CMC.

Anaishelle Smith: at work, watching it on tv

Valerie Crawford: In Geometry class. I was a sophomore in high school. Class had barely started when the principal came on the intercom and suggested that we should all turn on the news.

Elizabeth de la Vega-Hernández: I was at work. It was almost 9 am. Went straight to my kid's elementary school to pick him up. Will never forget how many parents were there to do the same thing. God Bless America and all those under this Umbrella!

Sara Juaristi: I was in Bilbao, Spain. It was at 3pm and I was at work.

Angie Muhs: At my obstetrician's office, 10 days from having a baby. Didn't even know about the attack until almost 10 am because I was in an exam room with no tv or radio; the staff almost forgot I was in there.

Aurelio Cuervo: At a job interview in Miami Lakes, seconds after the second plane hit the second building, the human resource woman (an Arab) told me "you heard what happened in NY? there's going to be war now, what would you do if you drafted and sent?" my response without thinking twice... "I'll go kick some ASS." The company never hired me... Oh well.

Jumax Huamani: I was sleeping and then my brother came and woke me up to turn the tv and watch the news... it was a tragic day...

Cassandra Jeanmarie: I was in 1st grade i didnt know what really happen in till my mom told how everyone lost their life it sad how they left kids and family member behind well GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ALL THE LOVE ONES WHO PAST AWAY

Wendy Rashkind Arnold: Standing at my kitchen sink...doing breakfast dishes.

Susanne Restemayer: I was sitting in a restaraunt in Largo, FL waiting for my breakfast. The whole place went silent, we were confused because no one was sure what was actually happening. Was it plane crash? But when the second plane hit everyone knew it wasn't. I will never forget and will always be haunted by countless people jumping from the windows of the burning towers.

Marika Lynch: Hiking through Spain. Two goat herders told me. I didn't believe them.

Sean Barnes: 7th grade, I was in my required reading class because I tanked the relevant FCAT test for that the previous year. The teacher put ABC News' coverage on the tv and wrote some key words on the chalkboard like 'terrorism'. She turned the TV o...

Edgar Niebla: I was getting ready for work. As my grandparents were watching the developments on the news, I kept thinking they were watching a Movie! It never dawned on me till I got to the office.

Sean Barnes: I also never saw the streets so empty that day...the only time you see I-95 deserted on a weekday afternoon is if there is a hurricane blowing through the area. That's always stuck in the back of my mind as well.

Kari B Gordon Geck: I went to work & heard about #1 & watched #2 plane hit....OMG & went to sit shivah @ for a co-worker..a day I will never forget; I called my bro in NYC & I could hear the mayhem

Priscilla Madelaine: I was at FIU in one of my morning classes. One of the students was listening to his portable radio during the lecture and he stood up, interrupted the professor, and said that one of the towers had been hit. The prof didn't believe him, so class kept going until it ended. We found out it was real after that, it was all the students would talk about.

Camille Rosatto: In my car... Coming home from the gym...

Edward Xavier Deschapell: I was in my math class in Redland Middle School. My teacher got a call on her phone and she turned on the classroom t.v. Not 30 minutes later the announcements came on saying kids would be picked up early that day.

Andi-Mariee Jamierson: Having worked the graveyard shift I was at home asleep. My mother woke me up freaking out.

Jeanette Bujold-roca: Home. On the Internet. Seconds after the first plane hit the tower.

Toto Lemus: I was sleeping. My mother woke me up screaming "Toto, the WTC is being attacked". I will never forget that day.

Delilah Bermudez Brataas: In Boston, under clear blue silent skies.


@geomens: At this time 9 yrs ago, I was holed up in an office on 27th st btwn 6th & 7th ave in NYC. Was stuck in NYC until Sat. the 16th.

@Neko_do: at work, but I will never forget getting home early to see 3 low flying fighter jets over my home, down south!

@Luis_M_Grisales: I was home, but i was shocked by the news and couldnt even move from my bed.

@kaarenstyles: At PSU on my way to Intro to Islam. I swear!

@chelsead: On my way to Mr. Pesiczek's class, junior year in high school.

@LuvShanaJ: Moral philosophy class at St. Johns Univ.

@Niuman: In Boston Mass.

@AFRO_CHEEZ: In W.R. Thomas in Mr. quintanas history class.

@jsaint1023: Freshman in high school.

@istealpens: Sophomore at UM, in my morning literature class.

@PrettyWittyWise: hospital waiting room. Broke my heart as I watched it happen on live tv.

@sashabensimon: Rivier Middle School, in music class.

@Tito__ Mr. Leone's 7th grade algebra class.

@beagarcia: Getting ready to go to work watch 2nd plane crash into 2nd tower on TV

@msrib: In a meeting at work, no clue until hours later

@JJHorvath: Anatomy class in 11th grade