Toddlers won’t be bellying up to this happy hour bar playset

With Facebook these days, you must heed Marvin Gaye’s warning: Believe half of what you see. Not just fake news. Apparently, fake toys, too.

An image of a faux Fisher-Price toy, the Happy Hour Playset, got lateraled around the Internet and Facebook the last few days. Facebook user Tina Peterson of Omaha, Nebraska, brought it to toy giant Fisher-Price’s attention via the company’s Facebook page with “Is this for real? If so, how tacky!”

Fisher-Price responded with a calm assurance that this wasn’t endorsed, produced or approved by the company. And they’d repeat that as often as asked.

So, no, it’s not real. But, if it was, several of you parents out there know at least it would be easier to put together than those Little Tikes Kitchen Sets.

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