Two tropical waves in the Atlantic

A storm lashes Miami Beach in 2012
A storm lashes Miami Beach in 2012 MIAMI HERALD

Forecasters are keeping an eye on two tropical waves moving across the Atlantic Ocean from Africa.

According to the National Weather Service, a tropical wave about 1,200 miles east of the Lesser Antilles is moving west at about 25 mph. At that speed with its poor organization, the NWS puts the chance of developing into a hurricane in the next two days at 20 percent, 30 percent if you stretch the time frame out to five days.

The other tropical wave, at the same longitude but about 200 miles south of the Cabo Verde Islands, 350 miles off the western coast of Africa, has become better organized the last two days. Its hurricane development chances are 40 percent over the next two days, 50 percent over the next five days.

After a busy start with a preseason hurricane, Alex, in January, and three named tropical storms in June, this Atlantic hurricane season has been quiet so far. No storms have earned a name since Tropical Storm Danielle in June.

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