Cuba and Mexico issue tropical storm alerts

5 p.m. update map
5 p.m. update map National Hurricane Center

Cuba and Mexico issued tropical storm alerts Saturday, the National Hurricane Center announced in a 5 p.m. update.

The heavy winds and rain — which are heading out near Honduras in the Northwestern Caribbean Sea— are expected to reach the Gulf by Monday, forecasters said.

Cuban officials issued the warning for the provinces of Pinar del Rio and Isle of Youth. The Mexican government issued a Tropical Storm Watch for the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula from Tulum to Cabo Catoche. Meteorologists say maximum sustained winds are near 30 mph with stronger gusts.

Before reaching the Gulf on Monday, the disturbed weather is expected to to become a tropical depression on Sunday and and tropical storm Michael on Sunday night. It is also expected to bring wet weather to South Florida during the week.