Avoid deadly fumes, use proper wiring

Here are tips for running portable generators:

 Never run generators inside your home or garage, as they produce potentially deadly carbon monoxide fumes.

 Keep generators away from all open windows, including neighbors' windows, to prevent deadly exhaust from entering a home or business.

 Buy a battery-operated carbon monoxide alarm, which will alert you if carbon monoxide levels become dangerous.

 Always thoroughly read the manufacturer's instructions to avoid dangerous shortcuts and ensure the safe operation of your generator.

 Don't directly connect your generator to your home's wiring. Power from a generator connected to a home's wiring will ''back feed'' into utility lines, potentially severely injuring or killing a neighbor or utility crew working to restore power.

 Turn off all connected appliances before starting your generator.

 Turn connected appliances on one at a time, never exceeding the generator's rated wattage.

 Don't touch a generator if you are wet or are standing in water or on damp ground.

 Never refuel a hot generator or one that is running. Hot engine parts or exhaust can ignite gasoline.

 Ensure you have enough gas stored safely in gas containers.