If Irma took away your Comcast, see how you can get a credit

Did Hurricane Irma make your TV a black box?

Did you cringe the moment your Wi-Fi went out, welcoming you to the non-internet world, where the only solution is eating stale PB&Js and playing dominoes in the dark?

Well, there’s hope.

Comcast may be able to compensate you with a one-time credit for your dearly missed Xfinity cable, phone and internet services.

All you have to do is file a brief online form at You can also call Comcast’s customer service line at 800-266-2278 — that is, if you can get through the throngs calling in their complaints. Credits may take one or two billing cycles to be posted to your account.

After Irma, nearly 1.7 million subscribers of various cable systems in Florida lost their service, according to the FCC reports.

On Monday, more than a week after Irma, nearly 900,000 customers of AT&T, Comcast and Atlantic Broadband customers were still without internet or cable services, according to data the carriers reported to the Federal Communications Commission.

The carriers have not released outage numbers by county. Nor have they released specific causes or estimated times of recovery to the media or to their customers in South Florida.