Caribbean, Atlantic waves expected to become tropical cyclones

National Hurricane Center

Two tropical waves, one in the southern Caribbean and another far off the U.S. Coast in the eastern Atlantic, are expected to become cyclones over the next five days, National Hurricane Center forecasters said Friday.

The Atlantic system, located several hundred miles from the Cabo Verde Islands off Africa’s west coast, is more likely to become a tropical depression by early next week as it encounters favorable conditions on its westward trek. The storm was moving at about 15 mph. Forecasters gave the storm 80 percent odds of becoming a depression.

nhc storms map 2017
National Hurricane Center

In his Weather Underground blog, meteorologist Jeff Masters said the system has the greatest chance of any storm this season of becoming a hurricane. The Atlantic basin has so far churned out five tropical storms. However, as it moves west it will also hit dry Saharan air, which he said could easily snuff it out.

Closer to home, a second wave in the eastern Caribbean Sea has a 60 percent chance of becoming a depression in five days, forecasters said.

bay of campeche satellite
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

By the middle of next week, they expect the system to be over the Bay of Campeche and continue to build steam, feeding off lots of moisture in the atmosphere and favorable winds.

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