Heavy fog greets South Florida commuters

Heavy fog greeted workers at the Granada Golf Course in Coral Gables Wednesday.
Heavy fog greeted workers at the Granada Golf Course in Coral Gables Wednesday. Claire Hiaasen

If you woke up Wednesday morning in a fog, literally, thank a confluence of the weather.

Heavy fog stirred up by Tuesday’s rain and a southwesterly flow moving in advance of a cold front whipped up the frothy mist that coated much of Miami and Southeast Florida on Wednesday. But you had to be an early bird to see it: less than an hour after sunrise, much of it had lifted as the air warmed and sun dried out the mist.

“If you remember eighth-grade science, heat rises,” said National Weather Service meteorologist Steven Ippoliti. “That starts to mix and that helps burn off the fog as well as the sunlight.”

Fog in advance of a cold front is fairly typical in South Florida’s damp climate, Ippoliti explained. Wednesday’s southwesterly flow helped stir up area moisture lingering from Tuesday’s heavy rain. The front, north of Lake Okeechobee early Wednesday, is expected to arrive in South Florida this evening, forming a line between Naples and Palm Beach County. That means much of the day will be sunny, which could cause storms forming in advance to be even stronger.

“The heat tends to help destabilize the atmosphere,” Ippoliti said. “That’s when you get bad weather when you have a rising motion.”

The front should move through between 8 p.m. and midnight, leaving behind clear blue skies and idea South Florida temperatures, with highs in the low 80s. And no lame excuses for foggy commuters running late.

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