South Florida temperatures to dip a bit as fall begins

How the week looks
How the week looks credit

Monday is the first day of fall. And the temperatures are appropriately falling.

When you’re in South Florida, even a small difference can be noticeable.

On Monday night, expect lows in the mid-70s, with highs on Tuesday in the mid-80s.

If that’s not putting you in an autumn mood, consider that the average temperatures have exceeded 80 at night and 90 during the day during this long, hot summer.

The cool-down — if you can call it that — is thanks to increased cloud coverage, said National Weather Service meteorologist Jeral Estupinan.

Temperatures could be five degrees lower in some areas and two or three degrees lower in others.

“Every time you have cloud coverage in the subtropics, clouds actually control a lot of the temperature,” he said. “Even though the sun is still very high in the sky, you are going to have a chance for lower temperatures in the day.”

The humidity will still be high. Thunderstorms are still likely.

That means we’ll still be sweating, then dodging the raindrops.

Just like summer.