Weather: Sunny skies and plenty of breeze Friday

It's time to open the windows and let the fresh air flow right on in.

Residents and visitors alike will rise to mostly sunny skies and plenty of breeze on Friday.

Temperatures will top out around the upper 70s and gusts will whip into the 20 mph range at times as those breezy conditions accompany the blanket of blue high-above the morning commute.

Lots of sunshine and South Florida's best attempt at minnie Santa Ana winds to follow for the weekend, as well.

Saturday breaks with clear skies that will continue throughout the day with the occasional 20 mph gust, while a few clouds are set to roll in as night falls.

Sunday begins with those extra clouds, but still intends to offer partly sunny conditions for people hoping to grab a spot at the park in the afternoon.

Temperatures will hover in the mid to upper 70s during the weekend and right on through to the start of another work-week.