Trayvon Martin

Cutler Bay crowd rallies for peace, waits for verdict

As jurors in the George Zimmerman murder trial continued their deliberations in Sanford on Saturday, some 20 people gathered at a Cutler Bay intersection for a peaceful rally supporting Trayvon Martin’s family.

They pressed around Martin’s uncle, Ronald Fulton from Miami Gardens, asking questions, commenting about the trial.

Fulton has attended a few days of the trial and acts as a family representative.

“I don’t want other families to go through what we’re going through,” he said.

The crowd held signs reading: “It’s not a black thang, just do the right thang.”

Using a bullhorn, they chanted at passing vehicles, “No justice, no peace!”

Renita Holmes, 52, encouraged Samuel Jocelyn, 10, to speak up.

“Talk like you got a voice!” she exclaimed.

With bullhorn in hand, he stood up straight.

“Is bullying wrong?” she yelled.

“Yes,” he answered, the bullhorn amplifying his nervousness.

Fulton questioned the Sanford Police investigation, saying the truth is hard to find in this case. But not even by-the-book police work can bring back his beloved nephew.

A 2001 car accident left Fulton with three broken bones in his neck and in a motorized wheelchair.

“Trayvon was my right hand,” he said.

When Fulton’s nurse was off duty, Martin was there to help, he said.

The two loved to go to basketball games together.

Fulton, a member of the Miami-Dade Community Relations Board’s executive committee, said he often took Martin along to city and county commission meetings. He said he never thought Martin was listening to the mundane zoning issues, but when the meetings ended, Martin would ask deep questions about what was going on in their community.

Martin would move Fulton’s domino pieces for him when his uncle would play.

Fulton teared up as he talked about going to family gatherings with Martin.

“I can’t wait until it’s over,” he said through the tears. “I can’t wait until it’s over.”

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