Massage therapist offered unwanted extras with too touchy massage, woman says

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Fondling and offering oral sex earned a Tampa-St. Petersburg area massage therapist a license restriction, according to the Florida Department of Health.

According to the Emergency Restriction Order (ERO) that came down Dec. 10, Cameron Kellogg, 32, worked for Opal Sands Resort in Clearwater when a woman the ERO calls “L.R.A.” lay down for a massage on Aug. 30.

Near the massage’s end, the ERO says, “Mr. Kellogg moved his hands down L.R.A.’s chest onto her bare breasts. Mr. Kellogg massaged L.R.A.’s bare breasts for approximately 5 seconds. Mr. Kellogg pinched L.R.A.’s nipples and offered to perform oral sex on L.R.A. L.R.A. shook her head “no” twice. Mr. Kellogg apologized to L.R.A. and ended the massage.”

Specifically, the ERO later says, Kellogg asked, “Do you want me to eat your -----?”

The ERO says L.R.A. reported the above to Opal Sands’ salon manager hours later.

Kellogg’s license, held since 2009, now is restricted to massaging men.

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