Her iPhone fell 450 feet from an Orlando ride, but this tourist was mighty lucky

Cansel Yildirim was visiting Orlando from Turkey and decided to film her thrilling ride from a huge swing soaring over International Drive.

The StarFlyer swing, which sends screaming riders 450 feet into the air, was at its height as Yildirim screamed, “This is crazy,” to her boyfriend’s “This is amazing” responses.

We know this because we can see the video selfie she was shooting from the amusement ride and which she later posted to Facebook.

But what Yildirim couldn’t have expected was to have a video to post. About 30 seconds into her ride, an excited Yildirim dropped her iPhone from the swing’s 450-foot peak.

Instead of exploding into a million pieces, the phone kept recording as it fell and hit the ground, face up, WKMG Click Orlando reported. The hardy iPhone 7 didn’t let that plunge stop itself from shooting video from its resting place on the ground.

For about nine seconds viewers can see a kaleidoscope of color against a black background and hear a flapping sound from the wind — akin to the rapid screen dissolves that were used to quickly switch from one scene to the next in an old ‘60s TV show — as the phone fell.

The video ends with a star-like ray of light pointing upward toward the ride.

iphone fall last image.jpg
After Cansel Yildirim's iPhone 7 hit the ground after falling 450 feet from an Orlando amusement ride called the StarFlyer, the video app kept running, capturing this screen grab image from the ground. Cansel Yildirim Facebook

Yildirim found her phone using the Apple feature, Find iPhone app, after she got off the amusement ride. She was shocked to see her smartphone was intact, except for a scratch. The iPhone was not in a protective case, she said.

“It is truly a miracle that nothing has happened to my phone, as it didn’t break or crack at all,” Yildirim told WKMG.

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