'Holy [bleep!]' Video shows hungry hammerhead shark playing with its prey

A leisure-seeker cruising on a boat in Florida on Sunday got the ride of her life.

Whitney Phillips Watson was near Bean Point, off Anna Maria Island in Manatee County, when she and her companion spotted something large splashing about in the water.

In a video that she posted on Facebook, you can see a large dorsal fin emerge. It belonged to a hammerhead shark, and it was apparently hungry.

Watson reports what she is seeing: "We are filming a shark eating a tarpon."

"That is a BIG hammerhead!" says the man.

"Holy [bleep!]" shrieks Watson, as the shark thrashes about pushing the tarpon around in the water.

Then the massive predator disappears out of view.

"He's right under the boat!" the woman yells.

The man in the boat says he thinks the tarpon might have gotten away, but no, the fish weakly pops back up and the shark begins to roll his upcoming meal.

Watson then implores the man to get them out of there.

"I'm shaking," she says, semi-laughing.

The man jokingly asks if she wants to go diving.

Watson sees the shark at a distance now, thrashing about with the tarpon in tow.

"He's still playing with it!" she says.