One minute she was pumping gas. The next she was in fear of her life.

Gas pump
Gas pump Pixabay

Kelly Incretolli was doing what many motorists do on a Monday morning: Filling up her car with gas.

The Cape Coral resident stopped into a 7-Eleven in Fort Myers and pulled up to a pump, according to local station NBC-2.

Soon after she inserted the nozzle into her car, the hose apparently began spraying gasoline everywhere.

"When I went to pull the nozzle out, all of a sudden, maybe a foot and a half down, the hose just blew out," Incretolli said. "And it kept pumping gas."

Seeing the situation, 7-Eleven employees ran out and threw kitty litter on the ground to absorb the gas.

The motorist was covered head to toe in the highly flammable liquid, and terrified.

"I don't think I've ever been that scared in my life," she said. "If anyone throws a cigarette out, I'm done. I could've died."

A manager told NBC-2 that the pump, which looked in the TV station's report as though it had been damaged, has been replaced.

It is unclear if the woman will take legal action.

Vincent DiCristofalo, deputy fire chief with the City of Fort Myers Fire Department, told the Miami Herald that the fire department should have been summoned to the scene.

"This would have been likely treated as a hazmat precaution," he said. "We will investigate and see if any ordinances or rules were violated."