He stole a BB gun from Walmart, cops say. Then they looked in his car.

Nito Meier
Nito Meier Sebastian Police Department

An officer from the Sebastian Police Department responded to a simple shoplifting call at a local Walmart on U.S. 1. But things quickly got a little more complicated.

When the officer arrived, he was told that a man — later identified as Nito Meier — had been detained, according to an arrest affidavit.

Christopher Watson, a loss prevention staffer for the store, was quoted in the arrest report as saying that someone saw the defendant select a BB gun and remove its spider wrap. Meier was then seen shoving the pistol down the front of his shorts, walking past the cash registers and into the parking lot to a car, the report said. That's where a Walmart guard held him until police arrived.

But the handyman, 37, was not going to be in trouble only for petit theft (pistols start at under $10 on the retailer's website). A quick scan of the car's interior revealed several syringes, cotton swabs and a small metal spoon that were "in plain view." These items were determined to be "drug paraphernalia used to inject illegal narcotics," read the report.

Meier was taken into custody on a charge of possessing methamphetamine.

As of late Friday afternoon, he was still behind bars.

After a Florida Highway Patrol trooper was rear-ended during a traffic stop in April, she spent more than six minutes chasing the suspect at high speeds for more than four miles.