He got pulled over on his bike. Then a deputy noticed a problem with his mouth.

Scottie A Jackson
Scottie A Jackson Indian River County Sheriff's Office

Just after midnight Friday, a deputy from the Indian River County Sheriff's Office noticed a man on a bicycle while on patrol in Vero Beach.

According to the arrest affidavit, the bike did not have a headlight nor reflector, despite it being pitch black on the street.

The deputy pulled over the bicyclist, later identified as Scottie A. Jackson.

The officer immediately noticed a problem with the suspect's way of talking: Jackson was not fully opening his mouth to speak, which caused slurred speech and made it very difficult to understand him."

When asked if something was medically wrong with him, the man replied that he had just gotten a tooth pulled.

The deputy then asked Jackson to open his mouth, and spotted a small blue bag sticking out from under his tongue on the right side. The bag "was consistent with how illegal narcotics are packaged inside," read the report.

The officer then "established that the destruction of evidence was imminent," so instructed the suspect to lift his tongue and spit out the contents. Jackson refused and closed his mouth, saying there was nothing in there. After Jackson's refusal to obey, the deputy attempted to cuff him, but the individual pulled away briefly, then eventually complied.

When Jackson again opened his mouth, the blue bag was gone. When asked if he had swallowed it, the suspect replied no.

Post Miranda, the 53-year-old told authorities the bag did indeed contain a small amount of marijuana, and that he had tossed it in the bushes.

The bag was found right where Jackson said it was: Inside was a "green, leafy substance," later determined to be .5 grams of marijuana, added the report.

The Vero Beach resident was charged with possession and resisting arrest with violence and booked into the Indian River County Jail without incident.

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