Mom's video shows an alligator just feet away from a child playing in his back yard.

Facebook screen shot
Facebook screen shot Nicole Mojica/Facebook

The video on a Florida woman's Facebook post started out innocently enough.

A little boy plays in the back yard of his Orlando area home on a Slip’N Slide type toy with a blow-up alligator.

Mom watches from a few feet away filming her son, telling him she wants to "make one of those funny YouTube videos."

After a minute or so, the video stops.

You read the post's caption, and Nicole Mojica tells her friends that after she put her phone down, she later reviewed the clip and noticed something terrifying: On the side of her house, seemingly watching the family fun in the sun, is an alligator.

While the reptile is not large, it is just a few feet away from the child, near a patio chair. You can see its head and upper body clearly in a screenshot, where she circles its head.

"Do you see him?"

Mojica told concerned friends: "A gator wanted to play with us today!! Never in my life have I been so scared. This thing was watching us the whole time from the side of my house and it ran down my slip and slide into the pond."

In a separate, follow-up video, the creature is almost fully submerged underwater in the pond, but doesn't seem to want to go anywhere.

"Now it's just sitting there looking," Mojica wrote, adding that she had spoken to someone from her homeowners association who informed her that it was too small to capture..

Commenters were duly concerned.

"Thank you for your continued confirmation that leaving Florida was a good thing," joked a friend.