What his mother said he did before battering his 70-year-old uncle really hurt

Keith Clopein
Keith Clopein

A Florida man began a beating of his 70-year-old uncle by lifting the senior citizen out of a chair by his genitals, according to an arrest report.

Keith Clopein, 49, of Sebastian, was arrested and charged with battery on a person over 65.

Though Clopein has "I love you Mom Patricia" tattooed on his chest, it was Patricia Clopein who gave Sebastian cops the most detailed account of what happened around 2 a.m. Tuesday after her son had been drinking. Her 70-year-old brother, William Stansell, told police only that he and Keith Clopein had been "in a scuffle."

Patricia Clopein said Keith, an unemployed five-time Florida prison resident, told Stansell he needed to find his own place and move out of the house.

"Keith then approached William, who was sitting in a chair in the living room, grabbed him by his private parts and pulled him out of his chair," the report reads. "Keith then punched him with a closed fist in his face, causing a bleeding cut over his right eye. Keith had William in the corner punching him until she pulled Keith off of him."

Cops say Keith Clopein was "visibly intoxicated," as he denied hitting his uncle and claimed his uncle pushed him.

Clopein is in Indian River County jail on $1,000 bond. His previous long-term stays behind bars include a year for cocaine possession and grand theft auto; three years, four months for burglary, grand theft and criminal mischief; and almost six months for aggravated stalking violating a court order.