Her home had a terrier, a Rottweiler, a foot of trash — and a smell that summoned cops

Terri Redstone
Terri Redstone

A Florida woman faces charges of animal cruelty after cops say they found two dogs — one dead, one alive — in a house with garbage over a foot deep and a smell that required "respiratory protection."

According to Terri Redstone's arrest report, that noisome air so offended a neighbor or a passerby, that the Indian River County Sheriff's Office was called to Redstone's Vero Beach home Saturday for a welfare check.

"Upon my arrival, I also observed the smell emanating from the home," Deputy Brian Ballash wrote.

Ballash saw a terrier he estimated weighing 25 pounds running free in the home. When he found an "unsecured" window, the smell of decomposition smacked him in the face as did the sight of an animal crate with a decomposing black and brown inhabitant.

Redstone, 49, came home and admitted, yes, she had a terrier and a 12-week-old Rottweiler. She thought the smell was the garbage.

The dog hadn't been out of the crate in seven days, the report says she told Ballash. She hadn't fed him in two or three weeks but gave him water three days ago.

"She admitted the way the dog was kept was neglectful and couldn't explain why she gave a higher level of care to the terrier than to the Rottweiler," Ballash wrote.

The deputy and a detective entered the house with Redstone.

"The whole interior of the home was littered with trash approximately 20 inches deep," Ballash wrote. "A worn path was through the center of the home. ... Animal feces and urine were throughout the home along with heavy insect infestation. [The detective] and I were forced to utilize respiratory protection to enter the home."

When they reached the animal crate, the detective estimated the Rottweiler had been dead three to four weeks, "based on observed decomposition and insect activity."

Redstone was arrested on two counts of animal cruelty. She posted $5,000 bond Sunday.