A Florida cop spotted an alligator on the road. There was something unusual about it.

A three-legged alligator in Tampa
A three-legged alligator in Tampa Tampa Police Department/Facebook

This wasn't the most usual sight, even for the most veteran Floridians.

On Sunday, a newbie officer with the Tampa Police Department came across an alligator.

But there was something unusual about this reptile. It only had three legs.

On its Facebook page, the Tampa police shared a post about the incident, explaining that Officer Wells, who joined the agency in February of last year from Kalamazoo, Michigan, was on patrol when he spotted a 5½-foot long alligator, which was missing a limb.

It was crossing the road, minding its own business.

The officer notified the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, and trappers were able to capture it.

"Officer Wells, welcome to Florida," continued the post.

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