She said her boyfriend fell off a ladder. But his injuries didn't add up, cops say

Casandra Combee
Casandra Combee Lake County Jail

A woman in Mount Dora was arrested earlier this month after police were called to her home due to a disturbance.

When police arrived, they found a man in the garage writhing in pain, saying he had been hit by an object and thought that his ribs might be broken, according to the arrest report.

His live-in girlfriend, later identified as Casandra Combee, said that her boyfriend, Drew Ehlers, had fallen off a ladder, added the report.

The 24-year-old Florida woman provided a sworn statement that she had argued with Ehlers over a family member not doing household chores (that family member was not identified). Combee told cops that she and Ehlers went to grab a step ladder at the same time, and "he fell on top of it, and fell over in pain."

After interviewing the victim, Drew Ehlers apparently had a different account of the May 15 incident.

He said that he and Combee had indeed engaged in a "verbal argument" over chores.

"The argument became more heated," read the report, "and Ehlers began to walk out of the residence into the garage when Combee threw a box of fish food at him and several other items."

The victim then said the suspect picked up a small stepping stool and threw it at the man, striking him on the left side of his back.

He said he immediately fell on the ground in pain and called 911, saying he was hurt and needed help.

The report says that police, concerned by the conflicting stories and how her account of the incident was not consistent with her boyfriend's injuries, interviewed Combee again. She then admitted to throwing the stepladder and it happened to hit Ehlers by accident, "as she was angry at the moment."

Ehlers was transported to a local hospital; his condition is unknown.

The girlfriend posted $1,000 bond and was released from the Lake County Jail.