They were shopping at Publix. He was lying in wait in their backseat, cops say

Charles Allen Green
Charles Allen Green Gainesville Police Department

Two unsuspecting Publix shoppers in Gainesville returned to the parking lot and got in their car.

According to Gainesville police, a stranger was lying down in the back seat, waiting for them.

The suspect, later identified as Charles Allen Green, demanded that the pair drive out of the lot and then directed them to three locations, threatening them with "great bodily harm,” according to a police statement.

The driver and passenger reported that while they were at the first two locations on Saturday, the suspect demanded the car keys before he left so they could not drive away.

At the third stop, their alleged captor reportedly forgot to ask for the keys before he exited. The victims were able to make their escape and call cops.

Officers searched all three locations but were unable to locate the suspect, according to a release.

At about 10:30 p.m., police received a call about a similar situation. A citizen called 911 after a man approached him in the Oaks Mall parking lot and stated that his wife was in labor and needed help. The victim agreed to give the individual a ride, but instead of directing him to a hospital, the suspect told him to go to "a few different locations where the citizen suspected the male was purchasing drugs."

The citizen actually let the man back in the car and dropped him off at yet another location, then called police. An officer located a male there matching the description.

Green was positively identified, arrested and transported to the Gainesville Police Department for an interview. The 49-year-old admitted to being in all of the locations, but claimed the transportation was consensual.

He was charged with two counts of kidnapping and robbery, according to authorities, and is being held on $55,000 bond.

Green has quite the rap sheet, according to Alachua County Circuit Court records.

"According to the defendant, he gets rides from people and asks them to drive him around so he can purchase cocaine quite frequently, and has been addicted to cocaine for approximately two years," stated the arrest report.