Watch fisherman battle with ravenous sharks off the coast of Florida

Fisherman off Destin, Florida
Fisherman off Destin, Florida

A bunch of Florida fisherman were witnesses to a feeding frenzy last weekend, reports The Northwest Florida Daily News.

Allen Staples told the outdoors website The Destin Log he was on a charter boat about 70 miles off Destin fishing for tuna in about 1,400 feet of water.

The men caught five tuna and were doing great. That is, until the sharks came along.

The fish were obviously hungry, as video posted on the Sun's website shows. The sharks, which Staples observed to be duskies as well as silkies, also known as gray reef sharks.

The big guys went to town, attacking the catch of the day. It took about 10 seconds for them to finish their meal. You can see the carcasses on the boat, with blood spattered around.

Of the five tunas caught, "one was chewed up and three were completely eaten off,” Staples said of the tunas. "It doesn't take long."

Hanging out with predators is all in a day's work.

"It's an everyday occurrence," said Staples. "We fight the sharks almost as much as dolphins."

The fisherman's least favorite? The sandbar shark.

"They are everywhere they are savage."