He has a bullet in his crotch. She has a baby in her belly. They're both in trouble

Joshua Hewitt and  Lachelle Soodeen
Joshua Hewitt and Lachelle Soodeen

A pregnant Florida woman shot her boyfriend in the groin after a bedroom fight at her grandmother's house, police say.

On Tuesday, Boynton Beach's 19-year-old Lachelle Soodeen sat in Palm Beach County Jail on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

When he finishes recovery from surgery, 28-year-old Joshua Hewitt will face charges of aggravated domestic battery on a pregnant person, aggravated assault with a firearm and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon (Hewitt did three years on cocaine dealing charges from 2012-2015).

Hewitt, Soodeen and Soodeen's grandmother, Bertha Burch, told Boynton Beach police different versions of how Soodeen wound up shooting Hewitt on Monday. Each agrees it started with Soodeen mad over evidence that Hewitt had been cheating on her.

Soodeen's version: She and Hewitt spent Monday night in her room at her grandmother's house. She woke up before Hewitt Monday morning and checked his phone. When she returned to the bedroom, Hewitt demanded his phone back, a demand buttressed by the gun in his hand.

Soodeen armed herself with a knife from the kitchen to put muscle behind her demand that Hewitt get out.

Hewitt reacted by pointing the gun at Soodeen's face, then putting her in a choke hold. Somehow, a fight over the gun ensued.

As they fell on the bed, Soodeen, four months pregnant, yelled for Burch's help. With that help, she got the gun away from Hewitt, who ran out the back door. He came back 10 minutes later in the passenger seat of a friend's car. She walked out with the gun, not sure why Hewitt had returned.

The driver got out and left the door open. Soodeen walked to the driver's side, but thought Hewitt was reaching for a gun. So she shot him. As the car raced off, she fired two more shots at it.

Hewitt's version: He woke up to Soodeen holding the knife in one hand, a gun in the other and a lot of anger over what she found on his phone. He said the gun wasn't his and he never put it in her face. When he tried to get the gun, Burch came into the room and hit him with a stick. Hewitt scampered out the back door, but came back with the friend to get his phone. Soodeen came out and shot him as he sat in the car.

Burch's version: Her granddaughter yelling for help and to call the cops woke her up. She ran to Soodeen's room, grabbing a wood stick in her room on the way. Seeing Hewitt atop Soodeen, she cracked him in the back with the wood stick. After Soodeen yelled, "I got the gun!" Hewitt ran out the back door. She didn't call the police because she figured Hewitt wouldn't be back.

She was wrong. She later heard the front door open, Soodeen in an argument and then three gunshots. She saw Soodeen standing in the street with a gun.

Soodeen told her she shot Hewitt..