Florida high school student bites head off a live chicken

A chicken in Iowa in 2015. This is not the chicken that lost its head  at a Florida school event on March 31, 2018.
A chicken in Iowa in 2015. This is not the chicken that lost its head at a Florida school event on March 31, 2018.

Florida deputies might have had flashbacks to Ozzy Osbourne and the rocker's infamous biting-the-head-off-a-bat incident when responding to a call from University High School.

David Andrew Jiminez, 17, a student at the school, was arrested on Monday and charged with felony animal cruelty and trespassing on school property. Volusia County sheriff's deputies say Jiminez broke onto University High grounds around 1 a.m. Saturday, entered a chicken coop and bit the head off a chicken, The Daytona News-Journal reported.

The chicken was one of several live animals that were on display at a farm-to-table event that was held at the school.

When asked why he bit the fowl's head off, Jiminez told deputies, "I have violent outbursts," they wrote on an arrest report.

The chicken's owner was supposed to pick up the bird — alive — on Monday. Jiminez was released to his parents and was scheduled for a court appearance on Wednesday.

The mess was discovered by a teacher who arrived on campus before the start of the school day. The teacher found that several eggs had been spattered against the doors of the gym and more broken eggs were found inside, WESH 2 reported.

The teacher found the headless chicken in the hallway near the gym's training room and alerted a school administrator. The pair then found the fowl's severed head.

A student told teachers that Jiminez was bragging on Monday that he'd bit the head off a chicken and when deputies asked the teen if he knew why they wanted to talk to him, Jiminez allegedly said, "because of the chicken," the News-Journal reported.

No word on whether the teen is familiar with the Osbourne legend. In January 1982, the heavy metal singer bit the head off a live bat while in concert in Des Moines, Iowa. Osbourne, now 69, has said he thought it was a rubber bat after a fan threw it on stage while he was performing. After biting the bat, Osbourne had to get a rabies shot because the bat bit him, too.

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