Father fawned over his kids on Facebook. He fantasized about kids on Twitter.

Calvin Barnes
Calvin Barnes Polk County Sheriff’s Office

A Florida man’s Facebook account contained gushing posts with affectionate photos of him and his kids. But on Twitter, in direct messages, Calvin Barnes talked about his fantasies of daddy-daughter, uncle-niece and provided visual aids.

That Twitter activity, especially the visual aids, led to the Mulberry man pleading guilty to 50 counts of child pornography possession and getting 18 years in prison last Tuesday. The 47-year-old Barnes’ prison time will be followed by 15 years of sex offender probation.

Typical of Barnes’ Facebook activity was a picture with his daughter, beneath which he commented, “That sweet baby made my lunch, last night and got up this morning and put it in my lunch bag. I love her so much! I'd be lost without my children!”

While his Facebook profile merited mention on his arrest report, it was Barnes’ Twitter activity that brought him to Polk County Sheriff’s Office’s attention. A June 1, 2017, CyberTipline report from Twitter pointed cops toward some files Barnes’ account had just uploaded. The arrest report describes:

“One of the files depicts a nude prepubescent female between the ages of 5 and 7 years of age sitting on her knees with her hands bound behind her back. The female child is sitting on what appears to be a bed with a Pokemon sheet/covering.

“Additional files were located in a folder containing over 500 images which depict children between 8 and 13 years of age engaging in sexual conduct and/or exposing their genitals in a lewd manner and/or depicting child erotica.”

Barnes’ own children vary in age from eight months to late teens.

You are very beautiful you remind me of my (daughter) so sexy.

Twitter Direct Message from Calvin Barnes to an unknown Twitter user.

Later in June, another CyberTimeline report contained a Twitter direct message conversation between Barnes and an unknown Twitter user who used the name “Holly.” After sliding into “Holly’s” DMs, Barnes falsely claimed he was a 48-year-old father of one, a 13-year-old girl.

He complimented “Holly’s” Twitter picture as reminding him of his daughter and tells her, “I found father/daughter porn on her tablet and I not sure what to do. Was lil over a month ago and nothing I do calms the desire I have.”

Thus began a sexually explicit conversation during which Holly claimed she had sex with her father and Barnes wrote, “I’m going to find a girl to play (his daughter) for me and ---- her to try to get past it.” When “Holly” said she was 16, Barnes replied, “...turns me on...I’m a perv, I guess.”

Over numerous other DM conversations, Barnes would compliment a user as reminding him of his daughter (“so sexy”); claim he fondled his daughter and thought about her while having sex with his wife; told someone else with child desires that he had sex with a niece; and sent child pornography to Twitter users he believed were either young girls or like-minded men.

Barnes interrupted a Sept. 8 DM conversation with “Brb...I have a 2 month old...she’s hungry.”

He was arrested 20 days later.

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