His car was burning, so he kicked it, drove it and shot at it, police say

By Greg Hadley


Marcos Gonzalez-Salinas
Marcos Gonzalez-Salinas

A man in St. Lucie County, Florida, is facing three criminal charges after a bizarre incident that allegedly ended with him pulling a handgun and firing a bullet into the door of his burning car, police say.

Marcos Gonzalez-Salinas was arrested this past Saturday night, according to police records obtained by the Palm Beach Post, after witnesses say they saw him driving a car at a high rate of speed that night. Eventually, the car allegedly caught fire, though it is unclear how.

Gonzalez-Salinas’ cousin, who lives in Fort Pierce, Florida, was allegedly awakened later that night by his cousin, who told him to “grab the water hose,” according to the Palm Beach Post. The cousin later told police he saw something burning in the driveway, which was later identified as a blue Cadillac.

However, the hose could not reach the driveway, police say, so Gonzalez-Salinas allegedly kicked the car, then got back in and drove off. Later, he got out of the car, pulled out a handgun and fired a round into the passenger-side door, per the Palm Beach Post.

According to St. Lucie County court records, Gonzalez-Salinas was previously convicted in 2013 for battery of a police officer during a traffic stop. Because of this, he was not permitted to carry firearms as a former convict, so he was charged on two counts of illegal possession of a handgun for this most recent incident.

He was also charged with illegally discharging a firearm in public. According to jail records, he is currently being held on $70,000 bail and has been assigned a public defender.