He said he was retrieving stolen watches. Then detectives showed him his Snapchat post

Anthony “Peewee” Federico
Anthony “Peewee” Federico Indian River County Sheriff’s Office

There are plenty of dumb criminals in the world, but it takes a special type to post evidence of a crime on social media – and then tell law enforcement he’s secretly working with them when confronted with the photos.

Such is the case of Anthony “Peewee” Federico, 21, of Vero Beach, according to law enforcement. Federico was recently at the home of a woman he knows and asked her to give him some watches she owned, and she declined, according to the TC Palm.

Federico allegedly posted on Snapchat after that he was “going to break in and steal the watches.” The victim, thinking that message was odd, saved it, according to Sebastian Daily.

On Aug. 4, she returned home to find her windows smashed and all 16 of her watches gone. They were valued at $3,200.

Federico wasn’t done with the social media posts, though. He posted to Snapchat again, this time with a photo of him wearing one of the stolen watches on a chain around his neck, according to the TC Palm. The woman called detectives on her case and sent them the picture.

An employee account at the victim’s condo complex and a surveillance video provided more evidence that Federico was the possible thief, so detectives decided to question him, according to the TC Palm.

First, Federico claimed he bought the watch that was in his pocket – the same one that he showed around his neck in a Snapchat post, according to his arrest report.

When detectives showed him his own Snapchat post, Federico then claimed he was helping law enforcement to retrieve the stolen watches, according to the report.

“Upon asking him why he did not call me, the lead agent on the case, since he had one of the watches on his possession … Federico became silent,” the detective said in the report, according to Sebastian Daily.

Federico was charged with felony burglary, felony grand theft, misdemeanor criminal mischief, and felony attempted burglary to an occupied dwelling.