She sent nude photos when in love. He’s accused of using them after the love was gone

Joshua Persaud faces 11 counts of sexual cyberharrassment.
Joshua Persaud faces 11 counts of sexual cyberharrassment.

There’s no such thing as safe sexting if you consider the 11 counts of misdemeanor sexual cyberharrassment against Joshua Persaud.

The woman in the 11 photos Persaud is accused of distributing via Facebook Messenger? His wife.

Estranged wife, that is, after their separation in January.

During their 3-1/2 year relationship, Polk County deputies say, Persaud’s wife sent him numerous sexually explicit photos. In May, some of her co-workers told her they’d received photos of her from a Facebook account in her name.

Four co-workers received the photos. Polk County deputies said the account had no other activity.

When Polk County deputies talked to the 37-year-old Persaud about this, they said his instant reply was, “Well she did that, too. She sent pictures of me to my boss and tried to get me fired!"

That and allegedly telling deputies he hadn’t sent the pictures to anyone else -- minimalizing the possibility of someone else sending out the photos — helped convince deputies to arrest Persaud.

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